Operations Director Neshma Friend

Neshma Friend, our Director of Operations, is a lifelong music lover. Having held down a thousand corporate jobs during her many previous lives, she now finds herself quite content to work for a school whose mission is to bring the joy of music to tiny humans and their families. Since her relocation from London to San Francisco, via Paris and Oxford, she has expressed her love of music and storytelling through her two alter egos, Micropixie and Single Beige Female.

Neshma's primary role is to ensure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes, but because she is also a certified Music Together® teacher, you may also encounter her as a substitute teacher on occasion.

"I wish a program like this had existed when I was a kid, but I also strongly believe it's never too late – or early – to learn anything. I love how this program gives both children and adults musical confidence. Everybody is musical, whether they dare to declare it or not."