Learning Pods - Mixed-Age Classes

Are you in a Learning Pod? Want to join one? A Learning Pod allows families and students to learn together on a regular basis while schools and other organizations are unavailable due to the COVID crisis. 

We are offering our Music Together® Mixed-Age Classes for Learning Pods to serve your at-home, backyard, in-person, or online Learning Pod gatherings complete with musical instruments and one of our trained teachers. These carefully-monitored small gatherings of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers is the latest trend in early childhood education and bring together groups of close friends for a fun and safe learning experience. 

We'll work with your group to set up a scheduled class time each week and provide a trained Music Together teacher to lead the class, either in-person or remotely, in singing, dancing, and other musical activites with songs that range from tender lullabies to boisterous jams, while your Pod participates in the comfort of your backyard, living room, or group space. 

Our award-winning program, illustrated songbook, and other print and online resources will help you with the music-making fun at home and nurture your child's musical growth—even if you are not a natural singer or dancer. Additionally, for a richer experience we will provide totes with instruments for each child at cost. 

Pricing is based on a number of factors, including the location and size of your Pod's learning group, and we will work with you to create a safe, bespoke educational experience. Contact us with your needs and your vision, and we will make it happen!


For details + pricing, contact us at: