Founder Paul Godwin

Founder Paul Godwin is a composer, musician, and educator with 35 years of experience. In the role of parent and teacher, he expresses his passion for awakening the innate skills of children by blending musical modeling with pure enjoyment. He founded Music Together® of San Francisco in 2001 and continues to be actively involved in the day-to-day operation of the program, selecting and mentoring teachers and participating in parent education and support. Paul has taught music and theatre to all ages from newborn to senior citizens. He served as Musical Director for Coastal Children's Conservatory from 2012-2016 and composed two original musicals for children. Paul has won the Bay Area Critics Circle Award for Best Original Score for Berkeley Repertory's premiere of Tony Kushner's "Homebody/Kabul." Paul studied music and theatre at Northwestern University and holds a B.A. from Berklee College of Music in Boston. In 2010, he was certified in Orff Music, Level Two at the San Francisco Orff Institute. He was a co-founder and the lead singer of The Sippy Cups, a popular rock band for families. Paul received his Certification from Ken Guilmartin, founder of The Center for Music and Young Children and Music Together, LLC.

“I started Music Together of San Francisco in 2001 when my son was just 6 months old and this Fall he began filling out college applications for music conservatories around the country! We wanted to create a solid beginning for Bay Area children and their families and I know we’ve done just that judging from our continued popularity. Filling this need with great teachers and curriculum and building community with arts education is what we are about at MTSF. It does my heart good to see the program continue to thrive and watch the little ones turn into musical human beings.”