Teacher Heather

Heather Normandale started singing early in life thanks to the good music she was exposed to growing up. Singing in the playground in kindergarden led to her first performance singing a solo at her kindergarden graduation. Soon her curiosity brought her to the guitar, mandolin, and banjo, utilizing songwriting for self expression and to celebrate the joy and complexity of life. After graduating from New College of Florida with an ethnographic thesis on Ecuadorian music anthropology, she started working as a substitute pre-school music teacher and turned her attention to music for kids. She inspired the gathering of like minds and taught a "kids'-songs" writing workshop, creating a children's music CD in order to raise funds for a local Head Start program in Sarasota, FL. She performed in various bands and taught music for years at the Little Bear School of Music and with Charity's JAM program in San Francisco until she joined forces and toured around the US and Europe with an environmental group who worked with Pedal-power technology that allowed performers to play on the energy created from nearby bike-generators. Heather gained more teaching experience working with the Oakland-based, 70 member Vak Choir. She has been performing live for adults and kids for over 15 years at festival kid zones and has recently teamed up with Living Folklore adding puppetry to her kids music shows!

"I have always believed that by encouraging people to sing, I am encouraging freedom of expression and joy in people's lives. I love singing and performing FOR people, but it is such a gift to sing WITH people. In Music Together® I love working with parents to create a fun and stimulating music environment for kids! It really makes me appreciate how important music is to community... seeing the joy in parents' and children's faces makes the world a sunnier place for all of us! Training our voices can be one of the most strengthening and liberating things for humans to do!"

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