Teacher Noe

Noe Venable began her musical career as a singer-songwriter and recording artist. She has released six critically-acclaimed albums that have earned her a loyal international following. In her twenties, she toured the country, opening for many well-known artists, including two national tours with Ani DiFranco. In recent years, Noe has devoted herself to her other passion, teaching. In 2010, Noe established the music program at the Brooklyn Waldorf School, where she taught music to grades 1–6. While in New York, she also maintained a lively private teaching studio, offering lessons in guitar, voice, and songwriting to children of all ages. Since becoming a mother, Noe has turned her focus to working with young children and families. Also a trained Waldorf teacher, Noe founded and leads the parent-child program at Golden Bridges School. For grown-ups, Noe directs an intergenerational women's singing circle, Mothersong Chorus. Long interested in the power of the arts to nurture spiritual wellbeing, Noe holds a masters degree from Harvard Divinity School. Motherhood, however, has been her greatest teacher. Noe’s son, Ember, was born in 2012. Her daughter, Peregrine, was born in 2015.

"My approach to teaching is warm, playful, and gentle. One of the comments I hear most often from families is that they find my energy to be warm and grounding. I value this feedback, because this is exactly what I'm striving for as a teacher – to create a space for music making where people feel free to bring their whole and authentic selves. I always try to teach in a way that is exuberant without being overwhelming, and that is playful in a way that allows us to have a deep experience of play. I love working with both children and adults, and getting to witness the way music making helps us connect with one another. There is truly nothing like Music Together®, and I am thrilled to join this wonderful program in its mission to bring live, in-person music making back into family life."
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