Teacher Naja Rose

Naja Rose Corbett credits her father for introducing her love of music. Who knew singing along with him to Simon and Garfunkel at age 4 would lead to a lifetime of musical passion and appreciation? She began songwriting when she moved to England for boarding school at 14 years old, and was instantly drawn to the stage. Music was comfort and theatre allowed her reserved personality to blossom into free expression.  Naja Rose then went on to receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre from Barry University in Miami, Florida.  She performed in multiple University and professional productions. She began working with youth teaching poetry and songwriting and always made time for guitar, piano and voice lessons. After receiving her degree, Naja Rose packed up her VW and drove to San Francisco from Miami to begin a new life. She started working at a daycare where she was exclusively in charge of music time and found a passion teaching young children. After discovering Music Together® it became clear and made perfect sense that this was to be the next step in her life adventure.

"What a privilege it is to be a teacher in this program! Music is a gift that is priceless and promotes creativity. I aim to create a nurturing musical environment where children feel comfortable to explore and be silly. Being shy as a young child myself, I understand that it may be scary for them to sing and dance in front of a lot of people. With a focused no-pressure approach, I encourage caregivers to participate, have fun and observe how your children learn. From my own experience, I know that music can take you on the most beautiful journey."

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