Work For MTSF

Do you love Music Together of San Francisco?  Want to tell other families in your community about how great the program is for young children? We are seeking Community Relations and Street Team support in exchange for discounted tuition. Families in St. Francis Wood, South of Market, and Pacifica are especially encouraged to apply. 
Community Relations support (ongoing)
Our ideal candidate would be a parent or caregiver who feels comfortable reaching out to parent groups, mom’s clubs, and other appropriate community groups and locations, to ensure that families in our neighborhoods are aware of the classes. Community Relations would let groups know that our teachers are also available for special events and birthdays, and that our center director and curriculum experts are available for speaking engagements. Additionally we offer discounts or incentives from time-to-time and this person would make sure that appropriate communities and groups are aware of these.

Street Team support (ongoing)
We are also seeking one person or a few people to post our fliers in the San Francisco neighborhoods we serve. Best candidate would be someone who regularly visits playgrounds, cafes, community centers, stores, and places where young families gather. 

We offer discounted tuition in exchange. Please contact the office for more information.