Teacher Vic

Originally from the greater Boston area, Vic’s exploration of music began at an early age - singing and dancing barefoot along with his three siblings to whatever rang out over the living room speakers. The son of two Music Together® teachers himself, Vic grew up immersed in the musical community and quickly discovered firsthand the power music has to inspire joy, growth, and community among families and caregivers. Propped up on his dad’s lap he would bang away on the family piano for hours, nurturing a passion for music that would continue to develop throughout the years. 


Soon after earning his BA from Providence College, Vic moved to New York City where his love for music evolved into open mics, playing lead keyboardist in his band, and seeing countless hours of live music. Now in San Francisco, Vic is excited to share his unique experience of Music Together with families across the Bay Area.


“A long-time advocate of Music Together, I’ve come to understand just how important early childhood music education is for the overall growth and development of a child. More than just a fun and playful kid’s music program, our classes build upon a musical curriculum aimed to foster growth in all areas of a child’s life. I’m so grateful to have witnessed the positive impact music leaves on parents and their children and I hope you’ll join me in creating musical memories with your own family for many years to come!”



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