Center Directors Andrew Gomez & Bevin Fernandez

Center Director Andrew Gomez, a Music Together® teacher for 15 years, has been working with children for over 20 years and has a B.A. in Child Psychology from the University of California, San Diego, as well as a Level 1 Certification in Orff-Schulwerk. A longtime favorite in the classroom, Andrew brings extensive experience to his Director role, from organizing events at summer camps to teaching guitar and piano privately to bringing the activities and philosophy of Music Together to preschools, libraries, and public events. With the blessing and encouragement of founder Paul Godwin, Andrew and his wife Bevin Fernandez joined the Music Together of San Francisco team as Center Directors and Co-Owners in the Spring of 2018.

"Having taught the Music Together curriculum for close to two decades, I'm a huge believer in the program. Music Together of San Francisco gave me the opportunity to share music with so many people and to teach families how to incorporate musical play into their daily lives. I'm looking forward to furthering this aim by offering more locations, reaching out to underserved communities, as well as finding and mentoring music teachers with the same core belief I have: music is for everyone!"


Center Director Bevin Fernandez, a Music Together teacher for 9 years, was born and raised on the Peninsula into a music-loving family. At three, she started ballet classes and auditioning, rehearsing and performing was a highlight of her childhood. At the age of six a special delivery, which she hoped was a treehouse, turned out to be a piano. Though this was to her dismay at the time, her disappointment soon faded and led her to master classical sonatas, blues pieces, and old standards. In the fourth grade, Bevin picked up the oboe and throughout her school years played in award-winning symphonic bands and chamber ensembles with the oboe and also jazz band on the piano. After high school, Bevin received her B.A. in Sociology at the University of California, Riverside. With a personal knowledge of the innumerable benefits of early exposure to creative and performing arts, Bevin was excited to find a program in Music Together that nurtures children's innate musicality and encourages adults who may underestimate their own musical abilities the tools to be able to effortlessly engage musically with their child. 

"Music has always been a source of peace in my life, sitting at the piano melted away stress and renewed me. Getting the chance to share the joy of making music as a teacher through Music Together of San Francisco was incredibly gratifying in that I was able to help adults witness and understand their child's musical development as well as helping them tap into their own. I know that early music education is a worthwhile endeavor and I'm happy and proud to be able to be a small part in helping families create musical memories that they can cherish for the rest of their lives."