Teacher Bevin

Bevin Fernandez was born and raised on the Peninsula into a music-loving family. At three, she started ballet classes with the South San Francisco Civic Ballet. Auditioning, rehearsing and performing was a highlight of her childhood and this gave her a dedication and practice which continues to this day. At the age of six a special delivery, which she hoped was a treehouse, turned out to be a piano. Though this was to her dismay at the time, her disappointment soon faded and led her to master classical sonatas, blues pieces, and old standards. In the fourth grade, Bevin picked up the oboe and throughout her school years played in award-winning symphonic bands and chamber ensembles with the oboe and also jazz band on the piano. After high school, Bevin received her B.A. in Sociology at the University of California, Riverside. With a personal knowledge of the innumerable benefits of early exposure to creative and performing arts, Bevin is excited to share her knowledge, experience and love of it with her class.

“My teaching style draws from the experience of being a participant. I first discovered Music Together® classes while working as a nanny myself, so I understand that the expectation to sing with others can be unusual for most. I therefore take care in gauging the comfort level of every class, adjusting my approach to encourage more and more participation each week. Having taught hundreds of classes, I’ve experienced the whole range of class types: sometimes there are very quiet, reserved classes and at other times everyone is ready to sing their hearts out from day one! Knowing it may take many weeks for all to join in singing, I take necessary steps to create a rich musical experience by helping everyone understand that they can have amazing musical moments when there is ample class participation. I show patience and care in creating an environment where making music casually can be relaxing and enjoyable rather than stressful or uncomfortable. The innate musicality of children is continually fascinating so I encourage parents to simply observe their natural music-making abilities. I adore the children I come into contact with, and marvel in their unique styles of learning. I make a connection with every child in the class whether it is through eye-contact and a smile, or hugs at the end of class, all while appreciating each child's individual comfort-level. I am touched to know that I'm an important figure and friend to the children, and treasure the opportunity to be a part of their early music experience.”

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