Cellphone Policy

 No Cellphone Zone
Please read and share with your caregivers: Technology is everywhere these days  and it's becoming a huge distraction in our classes. While we love that you want to share this special experience with other family members who can't come to class, we also believe that we have to be very careful about how much technology we're exposing our kids to -- and our children are very little. 
We kindly ask that cell phones NOT be brought into the class area. We are committed to quality tech-free time with you and your little one and ask that you help us out in this endeavor! If your teacher allows, he/she will let you know when it's appropriate to grab a quick pic. And with regard to social media, it goes without saying of course that you should obviously not post pictures of other people's children without their permission. The dangers of technology for children go beyond allowing them to have screen time. We also have to be mindful of how much they see us having screen time.
If your child attends class with another adult, please pass this information along to them. 
We want to create the best possible learning environment for your child and we appreciate your help in achieving this goal. Here are a few articles on the subject. Read THIS and THIS