Why are cellphones not allowed in class?

In recent years, the use of cellphones has become so pervasive in our lives that it has begun to interfere with the natural fluidity and bonding that is the mainstay of our program's success. Taking pictures with your phone actually puts a barrier between the child and caregiver, and the documenting of each moment in this way means missing out on this special type of bonding that children make with their caregivers.
With this in mind, we kindly request that for the 45 minutes of your class and in order to foster the idea that our classes are your weekly musical sanctuary, all cellphones should be turned off or otherwise stowed in your bag and not taken out. If you wish to take a photo of your child, please use the 15 minutes that follow the class when the gathering drum or other instruments are left out for children to 'discover' or play with.
It is very important that caregivers -- whether it is the parent(s), grandparent(s), or their nanny -- understand that participation is the key to their child’s enjoyment of making music. This is the foundational principle of our program and is reflected by the science behind early childhood music learning. It is the excitement, enthusiasm and emotional connection to the caregiver and the caregiver’s attention to that "going for it" spirit that allows children to take the leap and make music themselves.  Again cellphone usage distracts and disconnects your vital caregivers from this process.