Teacher Bernadette

As a young child Bernadette Quattrone held pretend band practice with a tennis racket alongside her parents’ actual band practice. Growing up in upstate New York, her Mom was the lead singer and Dad played guitar in a popular cover band. Singing and making music with her family made for many sweet childhood memories and playing music all together is still a great way for them to connect today. In high school and throughout her undergraduate years Bernadette enjoyed choral singing and acting in musical theatre productions. She moved to San Francisco to further her study of theatre, and taught drama and storytelling to children of all ages. Through her teaching day jobs, Bernadette soon discovered her passion for working with young children. She went back to school and received her Masters in Early Childhood Education from NYU. While student teaching she started playing guitar to accompany her preschool classes in singing and dancing during circle time. Bernadette was a preschool teacher and director for 8 years and during that time, she recorded a collection of her favorite children's circle time songs. Bernadette is excited to have found Music Together®, a program that celebrates the joy of making music in a program that understands and engages young children through movement, exposure to great music and exploration.

“As a big fan of PLAY, I consider myself lucky to be able to connect with children through music and storytelling. You will find my classes to be energetic, expressive and of course, playful! As an experienced teacher and caregiver of young children I understand that each child has their own learning style and I trust, celebrate, and respect the learning and quality of experience that both the observer and the child that participates in every song take away from class. Many of my adult friends have shared with me a desire to sing, but a fear of judgment and painful childhood memories of being criticized hold them back. I am thrilled to be part of a program that positively encourages all of us to embrace our musicality, participate at any level, and feel the joy of making music!”

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Noe Valley/Mission (Holy Innocents)
Holy Innocents Episcopal Church
455 Fair Oaks Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
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Thursday 9:15 AM Teacher Bernadette Full 03/22/18 - 05/24/18 Waitlist
Thursday 10:15 AM Teacher Bernadette 1 Seat Left 03/22/18 - 05/24/18 Register
Thursday 11:15 AM Teacher Bernadette Open (2 Seats Left) 03/22/18 - 05/24/18 Register
Thursday 4:00 PM Teacher Bernadette Full 03/22/18 - 05/31/18 Waitlist
Thursday 5:00 PM Teacher Bernadette Full 03/22/18 - 05/31/18 Waitlist

Noe Valley/24th Street (Calliope)
Calliope Dance Studio
1414 Castro Street (between 24th & 25th)
San Francisco, California 94114
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Sunday 9:00 AM Teacher Bernadette Full 03/18/18 - 05/20/18 Waitlist
Sunday 10:00 AM Teacher Bernadette Full 03/18/18 - 05/20/18 Waitlist
Sunday 11:00 AM Teacher Bernadette Full 03/18/18 - 05/20/18 Waitlist
Tuesday 9:45 AM Teacher Bernadette Full 03/20/18 - 05/22/18 Waitlist
Tuesday 10:45 AM Teacher Bernadette 1 Seat Left 03/20/18 - 05/22/18 Register
Tuesday 11:45 AM Teacher Bernadette Open (2 Seats Left) 03/20/18 - 05/22/18 Register