About Music Together®

The Music Together program encourages your child's innate ability to sing in tune, create rhythms and participate in music making with joy and confidence. Regardless of your own musical background, as parent or caregiver, your participation is inspirational for children to develop musically.  

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Musical participation is not based on talent, but on exposure and experience at a young age. Exposure at a young age brings confidence with music throughout life. Enrichment means starting musical experience at birth. Giving children and parents access to music offers an opportunity to be more attuned to and appreciative of music and the arts in general. Read more about Music Together's philosophy here.


More than 25 Years of Family Music-making for the National Music Together Program

In 1987, Kenneth K. Guilmartin and his coauthor Lili M. Levinowitz, Ph.D., introduced the Music Together® program to the public—and today it is taught in over 2000 communities in the US, Canada, and 25 other countries.

This innovative program, with its emphasis on mixed-age classes and the active participation of parents and other caregivers, has been leading the field for twenty years. It has changed the lives of countless numbers of children, helping them to be confident, joyful music-makers. It has changed the lives of many adults, too—not just the grownups who attend class with their children, but also the teachers who work with the families, the center directors so deeply involved with their communities, and the entire Music Together LLC staff who are passionate about their work. Learn more.